My name is Lorenzo Valsassina, and I was born in 1993 in Milan, Italy.

I first approached music at the age of 7 when I started playing on a keyboard randomly. At the age of 8, I decided to take courses in classical piano, and I kept doing so for almost six years.

I first approached a DAW (Cubase) in 2005, but it took me a while to realize the potential hidden in music software. I started using Fl studio in 2009, learning tips and tricks from online tutorials and the knowledge of friends.

In 2012 I attended European Design Institute (IED), specializing in Sound Design, where I graduated in July 2015.

In February 2016 I enrolled at Vancouver Film School, attending the “Sound for visual Media and Games” program, and I graduated in early 2017.

During my formation in Europe and North America, I have had the chance to work on a different variety of project that involved creating and mixing sounds for video games, short films, and implementation of sounds within middle-ware tools.

My greatest passion is designing sounds for video-games, animations and movies, crafting sound unique sound effects and recording sounds on the field, and all that comes with the experience of breathing life into a world born from pure imagination.