Within my formation, I spent a lot of time improving my knowledge and refining my skills with many tools, softwares and instruments commonly used within the industry.

I am well experienced in the use of Digital Audio Workstations for both music composition and sound design: my first experience with this kind of software dates all the way back in 2005, but I only started using them intensively from the year 2009.

I had experience with the following tools:

Pro Tools

Ableton Live

Logic X

FL Studio

One of my passions is recording sounds in the field to than use my own recordings within my project in order to deliver a project with an original and creative touch. I release some of my original recordings on the web for free at least once a year.

During my formation I had the chance to record actors both on set and in a controlled studio environment. I also had the chance to record dialogue, efforts and expressions for a video game in more than an occasion.

I am familiar with Max Msp, an object based coding system, and I have a little bit of experience with Python.

I am familiar with Synthesizers, both modular and linear

I had multiple experience with Middleware tools such as Wwise and FMOD (Studio and Designer) as well as the following game engines: Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5. I am also familiar with version control softwares such as Perforce.