Orikami – Sound effect Recordist

In early January 2017 I was asked by the sound designer of a small team of game design students for some help on an interesting project that would have been developed in Unity .

I was asked to record some original assets for a shape-shifting character made of paper, an origami, for all the movements the character could perform within the game.

The challenge of conveying motion to a character made of paper led me to accept the challenge, and after some attempts, I was able to deliver some very high quality material for the sound designer to work with.

The materials used to create the assets varied from the most basic plain print paper to plasticized school textbook’s pages; from newspaper pages to  wet paper; from cardboard to cloth-wrapped paper.

The most arduous part of the task was, however, to imagine what the character’s movement could sound like. This led me to attempt some more Foley –  oriented movements in order to mimic the sound required for the game.

I recorded all the sounds with a Zoom F8, a Rode NT2-A and a Rode NTG-3 and later edited and mastered within Pro Tools.

Special thanks to Alessia Azalina for allowing me to showcase a preview of their game.